Tantric Massage London, Kensington

Our Tantric massage studio is an ideal place for you to relax and unwind. Let our Tantric Goddesses take you to another level and heighten your senses . During your session stimulating music, candles, and massage oils are used in order to achieve full relaxation and the awakening of the senses.


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About Us

Our Tantric Studio is bavsed in a central London location and are proud of the reputation we have achieved in the Tantric field. We provide masseuses of the highest calibre in terms of Tantric expertise, professional conduct, commitment to Tantric ideals as well as consideration and respect of everyone. Of course, they are all beautiful too!

Our deepest commitment to you is to provide the highest quality Tantric massage therapy available to enable you to experience the delights that Tantra has to offer and to help you achieve spiritual insights if that is your goal. Discovering and exploring your mind and body through the Tantric arts allows self-expression and individualism that is unrivalled in any other fields and we are proud to be part of your journey in this way.

All our Tantric Goddesses are fully screened to ensure they are perfect to live up to your expectations as well as provide the sensual services you deserve. They are also fully qualified as we understand that the body receives a full top to toe experience, which means our masseuses have to be aware of the effect the pressure of the massage has on your physical body as well as exciting all your senses.

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    What is a Tantric Massage

    The Tantric massage is a sensual massage, which typically combines a number of breathing exercises, which aims in achieving harmony, arousa, the senses, and proper channeling of the sexual energy.

    Unlike the traditional Western massage, there are no barred zones and the whole body is touched during the sessions; the sessions could be also tailored according to the receiver’s preferences, and include sexual healing as well. The benefits of the Tantric massage are many and most of the receivers could expect to feel relaxed, invigorated, and completely recharged after a session.

    The inclusion of scented oils, soft music, candles, and feathers, combined with the soft and sensual touch of a Goddess makes this full-body naked massage a unique and powerful experience. The sessions are offered to men, women, and couples, and some of them could address certain sexual dysfunctions or teach partners how to please each other better. They can help men and women become better lovers or introduce them to the world of Tantra, teach them various massage techniques, and show them new and exciting ways to please their better halves.

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    The Benefits of Tantra

    The primary benefit of  Tantra Massage is that of self-knowledge.

    ” The art of living Tantrically is living authentically , conciously, and sensuously.
    And that can be done in an infinite variety of styles and practices, all of which
    can bring about prolonged states of Love, connection, and bliss. ” – Barbara Carrellas

    • The combination of breathing and focusing ( or meditation) reduces stress hormone levels in the brain
    • Oxygenation boosts brain chemistry by increasing dopamine levels. ( Dopamine is a ” feel good ” neurochemical.)
    • Be centered and present. By developing your own skills in grounding and centring yourself you will be better able to deal with all of life challenges.
    • Approaching each other with tenderness and respect. Developing your awarness and sense of timing, so you approach each other gently, without invaiding each other space.
    • Listening to each other and communicate your needs. Positive feedback goes miles in making each other feel good. You will learn to quickly respond to feedback in massage as well as suggestions for improvement.